FlowState Systems planned to launch two new products: a line of nootropic supplements, and a productivity app with a curated selection of flow-inducing binaural beats. They needed a new website, a brand refresh, and a content update, before any promotional campaigns could run — and it was essential for any solution to integrate with their existing marketing systems flawlessly.


  1. Define a new visual direction and refresh the brand.
  2. New website with custom integration for the existing Shopify store.
  3. Increase volume of useful analytics data.
  4. Integrate the new solution with existing marketing systems.

Scope of Project

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The newly developed “astronaut jam” vibe of the website echoed throughout the brand, determining the direction of supplement packaging, social media campaigns, and the visual design of the App.

In addition to the complete visual overhaul, the enhanced website could now provide key analytics information and improve the teams ability to gather data essential to their product development.


Inventory sold out, and the new site integrated every system beautifully. Suddenly, the FlowState team had crystal-clear, data-driven insight into what their customers valued most, tracked in real-time

This enhanced data continues to serve as their compass, guiding the direction of their offerings today.

The App launch exceed expectations, boasting thousands of downloads and an average rating of 4.7 out of 5.0. within days of launch.

"I just started using the app and I love it! I can't believe how much FlowState helps with productivity during the workday!"

The Background...

FlowState Systems spent years developing ways of helping their clients leverage the power of a natural flow-state to enhance their focus and productivity. In 2020, they sought to scale their methods with a new web presence, and would soon hire Wabbit to handle the project.

Their initial discovery research showed positive response to two compelling offer possibilities. Existing customers saw consistent improvement with, and preference for, both the use of certain types of music, and the use of certain nutritional supplements.

FlowState Systems opted to develop MVPs for both offers and, with Wabbit’s help, found a compelling way to connect the two — building a profitable new sales funnel in the process.

The Goal

If FlowState was going to help anyone improve focus with either MVP, they needed to build a new conversion-focused online store with landing pages for each new product, nutritional information, and links to the app.

In parallel with the goal of a new website, the team wanted to leverage the opportunity to establish a consistent language and visual theme across the brand.

The Gap

The staff at FlowState Systems aren’t marketers or web designers. They are scientists and nutritionists. Even the process of finding a trustworthy web design team was new, confusing, and challenging. 

Learning was certainly possible, but would take far too much time. FlowState wanted a quicker launch.

The Gamble

While researching design firms, FlowState’s founder stumbled across our piece on growth-driven design. The systems mindsets discussed in that piece have their roots in the scientific method. It resonated with the FlowState team deeply.

They needed help building the digital assets required to validate the MVPs, and make a business with the data. They needed a trustworthy guide, showing them how to build it from the ground up.

There was only one question left…

Could the Wabbits build it?

Hiring the team at Wabbit might be the wisest decision we have ever made fior our business.

Brain-Boosting Apps and Neurogenic Supplements

With our counsel the project split into 3 distinct phases. The first two addressed the online shopping need, and the third brought value to the relationship with consulting clients.


Phase 1:

Visual Direction

The need for packaging visuals meant establishing a visual direction for the brand had to take priority. Initial creative meetings generated the concept of the user as an astronaut, exploring the limits of their focus through music and technology.

States of flow became inner-space planets.

The app and headphones became the ship.

The music became like the fuel for the journey.

That one simple worldbuilding idea rippled through FlowState Systems in a way that still deeply affects how they interact with their audience today. 

Phase 2:

MVP site

The site needed to quickly explain FlowState’s value to the customer, and it needed to hold their attention long enough to make the point.

Prior to the launch of either MVP offer, we built the early landing page to include a call-to-action at the bottom with an unobtrusive opt-in form for requesting launch notifications.

The main landing page is a story, educating prospects as it connects with their ongoing pains of scattered focus.

Phase 3:

Shop Integration

Building from the storytelling of the previous phase, we expand the messaging. As the story progresses, it presents the two MVP offers — the app, and the supplements. 

Thanks to Wabbit’s bespoke integration with FlowState’s existing Shopify store, customer purchases are fulfilled automatically.

Phase 4:

App launch

As one division of the team worked on branding and visuals, another division worked on wireframes and web design. While those divisions worked, the rest of the team focused on building and finalizing the FlowState app.

The app team integrated the new brand direction, connected with the systems powering the website and marketing engine, and built a beautiful onboarding flow for new users.

The app launched flawlessly and received a flood of positive reviews from ecstatic users.

Phase 5:

Listen & Iterate

Most businesses would call it a day, but Wabbit clients understand that a successful launch is only the beginning. With the launch of two MVPs and a new site, the FlowState team knew it was time to gather data, and mine for insights.

"Working with the Wabbits has changed how I look at building a business. They didn't just build us a website, they gave us a masterclass in entrepreneurship."

Closing Thoughts

In our coursework, we talk a lot about how to discover, and validate, a great idea. Yet, many of our clients already have a great MVP built, and need to launch it to the public. In the case of FlowState Systems, they had two MVPs in development simultaneously. Two is a lot.

Growth-driven design is the critical element allowing us to not only address those two MVPs (and their respective launch dates)  with efficiency — but to do so while building solutions capable of proving themselves as assets at a blistering pace. 

When planning a site for a product launch, it is important to build in a way that allows the awareness engine to get up and running as quickly as possible. Founders don’t work in a vacuum. Getting a simple landing page live quickly provides a place to send people as they network with potential customers, or investors.

The work in the background never stops. While the basic landing page is live, the team is behind the scenes, building the next version. Building the app. Building the store. 

Listening for the feedback every step of the way.

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