The Summary:


Licata Coffee Consultants needed to upgrade their company’s website with an online shop where people could buy a new line of highly-anticipated coffees. 

In the process, they wanted to leverage the opportunity to increase the site’s value for their existing consulting clients by reshaping it into a useful scheduling resource and knowledge-base. 


  1. Implement an appointment booking solution for new & existing clients.
  2. Create an online shopping experience capable of supporting subscriptions.
  3. Produce custom photography for upcoming product launch.
  4. Deliver a complete system for managing Licata Coffee’s website needs.

Scope of Project

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We built the new website in agile phases, replacing the existing site as quickly as new elements could be approved. At the end of the project, Licata Coffee Consultants had a conversion focused web-asset with a profitable online shop and a host of useful new features for their consulting relationships.


The launch was a roaring success. Yet, the biggest impact for Licata Coffee has come from the proper placement of their site within the larger systems of the business. Prior to this project, the website sat stagnant, serving only as a low traffic lead generator.

The site now functions as a central hub of activity for the business. Customers can shop. Clients can manage their accounts and schedule consultations with the team at their convenience. Partners and affiliates can manage assets in just a few clicks.

"Licata clinched the prestigious title of World Barista Champion in 2013. Caffeinated prestige and accolades so followed—as did a consulting gig that’s taken him to over 20 countries to teach the fine art of coffee curating."

The Backstory:

Licata Coffee Consultants, founded in 2013 by world champion barista Pete Licata, builds bespoke roasting, selecting, and quality control solutions for local and large-scale producers of specialty coffees at all points in the global supply chain. 

They consult in café layout, on-site retail and wholesale education, training in barista-craft, and 1-on-1 competitor mentorship.

In 2018, to commemorate the birth of his daughter, the renowned world champion developed an exclusive small-batch coffee, Zoya. The buzz in the coffee community was undeniable, and soon Zoya would launch to an eager audience across the globe.

But his current website wouldn’t be able to handle it…

So Pete called the Wabbits.

"Licata is a name synonymous with knowledge in the global coffee industry."

The Goal

Build an online store to support the global launch of Zoya.

Licata Coffee Consultants also wanted to leverage the opportunity to repurpose their current website into something more valuable to their clients, and the business.

The Gap

The current site couldn’t support an online store, and nobody on the team had the time or the expertise to rework the existing property into what they needed. They couldn’t launch the new product without an online shop, something had to be done. 

The Gamble

The consultants at Licata Coffee are experts in coffee, not web design. With so much business coming in the door through word-of-mouth and referral channels, there was little time for learning how to source, build, or best use a website.

Eventually they sought an expert who could illuminate the confusing path ahead, and roll up their sleeves to help get the project done..

The new store needed to be live before the product was ready to launch...

In 30 days.

"Wabbit took our website, a meager performer at best, and transformed it into a critical asset."

Launching a Small Batch Coffee Subscription:

(With our counsel the project split into 3 distinct phases. The first two addressed the online shopping need, and the third brought value to the relationship with consulting clients.)

The Approach:

Phase 1:

Photos for the Launch

Without a doubt, the first priority had to be photography. Licata Coffee had a new product to offer and needed custom images to support the launch campaign across every media channel.

We sourced the photography immediately.

Wabbit used a mix of bespoke photography, media from the press, and relevant stock, to create a complete and unified visual direction.

Phase 2:

Enhanced Client Portal

With the key frameworks from the second phase now firmly in place, we refocused on the relationship with existing clients. How could we improve the usefulness of the site for them?

Previously, most interaction happened through contact forms, emails, and blog posts. 

Now, we’ve introduced the ability to:

  • View and book available appointment times
  • Manage ongoing conversations
  • Download documents and reports
Plus, key administrative improvements which turns managing all this information into a matter of a few clicks.


Phase 3:

Build the Shop

Customers needed a way to learn about, and purchase a subscription to the new line of coffee. Yet, the site couldn’t lose functionality for existing consulting clients at any point.

We migrated the existing client interface to the new platform and maintained familiar functions while updating each to the new visual style.

The main landing page became a conversion-focused hub, able to quickly direct traffic to relevant pages, and make sure the new product catches your eye along the way.

"Working with the Wabbits has been incredible. The quality of our leads has gone way up, our clients benefit from a more useful resource, and our first coffee subscription sold out within a few days!"

Closing Thoughts:

Today, Licata Coffee has relocated its headquarters to Melbourne, Australia. They continue to grow their already significant authority in the world of coffee. As they create valuable content for their audience, the site is ready to assist with blog templates and asset libraries.

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