The Summary:


FlowState Systems planned to launch two new products: a line of nootropic supplements, and a productivity app with a curated selection of flow-inducing binaural beats. They needed a new website, a brand refresh, and a content update, before any promotional campaigns could run — and it was essential for any solution to integrate with their existing marketing systems flawlessly.


  1. Define a new visual direction and refresh the brand.
  2. New website with custom integration for the existing Shopify store.
  3. Increase volume of useful analytics data.
  4. Integrate the new solution with existing marketing systems.

Scope of Project

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The newly developed “astronaut jam” vibe of the website echoed throughout the brand, determining the direction of supplement packaging, social media campaigns, and the visual design of the App.

In addition to the complete visual overhaul, the enhanced website could now provide key analytics information and improve the teams ability to gather data essential to their product development.


Inventory sold out, and the new site integrated every system beautifully. Suddenly, the FlowState team had crystal-clear, data-driven insight into what their customers valued most, tracked in real-time

This enhanced data continues to serve as their compass, guiding the direction of their offerings today.

The App launch exceed expectations, boasting thousands of downloads and an average rating of 4.7 out of 5.0. within days of launch.

The Backstory

In the early days, the founders of LiteStreet realized their children seemed to understand complex financial concepts well beyond their years. They began to ask themselves why, and how. These questions led to discovering a critical insight in a unique teaching approach.

That was the spark for them. They wanted to make something.

As they researched the process of building an e-learning business, LiteStreet realized many of their favorites sites in certain verticals, were all designed by… Wabbits.

So they got in touch.

They wanted guidance on how best to share their powerful, kid-friendly teaching methods with the world.

"We'd seen Wabbit's amazing work on a few other projects in the marketplace and knew we needed them for this project."
Aroon Isaac
Founder, LiteStreet Academy

The Approach:

Phase 1:

Content Dictates Form

The notion of a child becoming a super hero stayed consistent throughout the LiteStreet courses, and the team wanted to lean hard in that direction visually, to reinforce it. So the quest began for the perfect imagery.

We sourced the perfect collection of hero children with bold colors and a playful, empowered feel. to lead the visual direction of the public facing site.

Phase 2:

Build the MVP

The main landing page echoes the vibrant tones of the photography, creating a playground of color for parents and their young children to enjoy while learning.

When we first launched this page, the product was still in development. We launched quickly anyway with a waitlist form at the bottom of the page.

This allowed the team to keep working, and still leverage the unfinished site to attract potential early-adopters.

Phase 3:

The Learning Portal

While the waitlist gathered launch opt-ins, the Wabbit team built the school itself, and the progression system powering it.

Because the system is designed for the parent to control, we removed the distracting color elements so the children could more easily focus on the videos for each of their lessons.

The process for updating lessons, videos, and any related materials, is easy as a few clicks.

"The Wabbits not only built us an incredible site, they helped us completely reframe the ways we approach the growth of our company"
Aroon Isaac
Founder, LiteStreet Academy

Closing Thoughts

LiteStreet Academy is actively working through their discovery and validation phases. To maximize their research, the academy leverages feedback from their in-person programs to hone the e-learning MVP, and vice-versa. The results are a steady movement toward a revised offer, and another cycle around the growth-driven flywheel.

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