Once Upon a Time in the Side-Hustle Scene...

The Wabbits Arrived

Bringing the Secrets of Riches to Those Whom the Big-Dog Agencies Would Rather Bankrupt Than Help

Who Are These Unassuming Heroes of the Digital Dystopia, and How Do They Continue to Deliver Such Remarkable Results?

First Things First

We'd Like to Introduce...

David Bickley

Chief Marketing Officer

Hey there! I’m David, the fuzzy-faced force that keeps this whole data-driven creative machine running at it’s tip-toppiest. That’s why I get the fancy ring spinning around me… but, I don’t do it alone… not even close. Scroll down a bit to meet the incredible team critical to producing the results we do for our clients.

Who are the Wabbits?

Meet the Team Behind the Magic

Serena Lilli

Graphics and UI/UX

Ever had an encounter with someone where you just knew they understood things at a deeper level? When it comes to visuals, that someone is Serena. She’s a Wabbit to the core but, she sees colors like a mantis shrimp. 

Max Romanchenko

Lean Development

Max may be the newest member of the team but, you’d never know it. He’s an absolute powerhouse when developing new ways of making client’s digital dreams into compelling realities. We don’t want to inflate his head too much with all the praise though, Wabbit doorways are a pretty tight fit already.

Brandon Roper


Although trained as an educator, Brandon hails from a long lineage of professional storytellers. With that skill firmly rooted in his DNA — and his extensive experience in truly challenging educational environments — he blends powerful, relatable parables, and our deep entrepreneurial knowledge into easily digestible, bite-sized curriculum outlines that our students can benefit from for years.

Loni Nicole

Customer Delight

Without her, we couldn’t run the company.  No joke. Her ridiculously high EQ keeps the harmony when deadlines are tight and tensions are high for clients and Wabbits alike. Loni is a master at making sure everyone’s needs are met at once, and that every client leaves our care better off than they were before they met us. 

Have Questions?

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