How to Build a Website
(worth having)

You already know you need a website.

That’s what landed you here in the first place. But…

There’s a question in the air, and nobody else is answering it for you — and it happens to be the most important question you could ever ask about a site:

How do you make sure your shiny new website ends up being worth all the time, effort, and investment?

We have a lot to talk about.

Friend, you (rightly) believe a website is critical to the business you’re working to build — but, the (impossible to ignore) fact is: web design can get really expensive, really fast, and that potential cost is intimidating.

Naturally, DIY could be a good option for you. It is always worth considering. I’d bet thought even occurred to you already. We’ll come back to it shortly…

First… just so it has been said… don’t take out a loan to build a website. I won’t advise you so directly about anything else. There’s just no need to go into debt for this. There are other, better paths forward.

Of course, you couldt be convinced you must, especially after talking to the average design agency.

Allow me to cut through the bullshit…

The truth most agencies would rather hide from you is:

Focusing on price is a mistake. You can get a great website built for way less money than you think…

What matters most is the approach (this is way deeper than DIY vs Outsource).

We know this to be true because, in addition to building countless websites for clients throughout our decades of collective experience, we’ve written extensively on the benefits of growth-driven design, and have a series of case studies illustrating the exact process we use to generate such tremendous successes for our tribe.

(This whole website is us quietly flexing the power of what we teach here, and the system supporting it)

Yes, the page you’re reading right now will give you the option to purchase from us, and join our tribe, at the end. You already knew that was coming, there’s no need for us to be coy — but, selling is not all we’re doing here…

I’m going to talk to you about your options for getting your project done, and I’m going to help you make your own best decision. Whether you join our tribe or not, my promise to you is this:

If you pay attention (and internalize) what you learn here, you will leave better than when you arrived.

That’s eternal our goal at Wabbit, even if you’re just passing through.

Now, let’s dig in and talk about DIY first…

The Do-it-Yourself Approach

Most of us, when we are considering handling a project on our own, are doing so to save money. If we don’t hire someone, it will be less expensive. At least, that’s what we are telling ourselves…

It is probably true that we are capable, especially given enough time.

The trouble is, unless we hold a lot of experience, we won’t likely be as good, or as fast as a pro.

Remember, they do this to put food on the table. Don’t underestimate how good that can make a person become at their craft.

That said, in today’s world, it is true that there are a number of tools out there to help novices build solid websites. Wix, SquareSpace, and Shopify are some of the most successful in the market today, and for good reason. They do make the process dramatically easier.

But they don’t teach the fundamentals of what it really takes to turn that site into a priceless asset for a business. AKA, the stuff that matters most.

Let’s say we already know that stuff though… is it really less expensive in the long run to use a service like theirs?

The answer is, maybe…

If we don’t need to add any of the vendors non-standard features.

For example, Wix currently gives a 1 year trial of three different apps:

  • These apps charge you for features (like analytics) that can be added for free on any normal, non-Wix site.
  • The total for use of all three apps post-trial is easily over $100/mo, and there are plenty more to add.

SquareSpace is marginally better, but on some plans they take a percentage of sales, which is clearly less than ideal, and can make it harder to fund growth.

Still, those fees might be something you’re ok with. If so, their services could be a great option for you — so long as you can make that site generate revenue on your own.

If not, the one-time fee of hiring a designer is probably a better choice in the long run.

In either case, it doesn’t actually matter which path you choose — a painful truth is quietly staring us down…

There is more to writing a great sales page than many people appreciate. It is not easy, and a pro will almost always outperform a novice at generating revenue.

There is absolutely no way can we estimate the difference in potential earnings between the two, so, let’s look at another important consideration…

The pro will arrive at that successful result faster, and they will get there more reliably.

Novices might get there, but they will make mistakes (and way more of them) along the way.

Mistakes cost more than money.

Mistakes Costs Time

We already know, the right site (paired with the right approach) can yield enough of a return to pay for itself, and any further growth. We’ve established that fact in every piece of content we’ve produced here at Wabbit.

We want you to know that it is possible, but…

It is a mistake to think that money is the biggest consideration when it comes to building your site.

Time is the only real currency.

And your supply of time is not infinite.

It cannot be replenished.

Once it is gone. You are gone.

So, consider this…

Any experienced developer will tell you, building a great website almost always takes more time than you expect.

If we believe them (we do), then there is a fantastically important question we need to ask ourselves…

Given our level of experience, how likely is it that we will encounter delays?

The hard truth is, we might not even have enough experience to answer that question accurately.

(If you disagree, the Dunning-Kruger Effect would like to talk with you for a moment.)

I’ll give a basic example of an often overlooked delay:

Even the simplest website builders have a learning curve that we will have to overcome. That will take time.

And then, there are more complex elements, like:

  • Site structure, and it’s effect on SEO
  • Proper image dimensions and compression
  • Tracking integrations and automations
  • Consistent, responsive layout across all screen sizes
  • Keeping pages load times under 2 seconds
  • Avoiding bloated code
  • and on, and on..

Every hour spent learning how to build a website (and tackling these complex issues), is an hour robbed from something else lying in desperate need of your attention.

If you are focused on building a site, you aren’t focused on the other elements of your business.

Sure, depending on your situation, that might work for you — and honestly, you probably should learn how, web design is a cool skill to have. But… 

Now probably isn’t the best time.

Either way, obviously, the path you choose is up to you but, you can’t escape that journey will either cost you money, or time — usually some combination of both.

You have to decide the value of your time.

Once you know which (money or time) is more valuable to you, you won’t need any help deciding between DIY or Outsourcing. The answer will be obvious.

Wait a second before you run off and make that decision though, there is still one last point to consider…

Pros Execute Better

That’s the point this whole chat comes down to: pros are measurably better at the work. And, you knew this already. It shouldn’t even need to be said.

If you were better at the job than they are, the project would already be done. Wouldn’t it?

Work like this is a walk in the park for an expert.

In fact, the only situation where this isn’t true, is if you are a busy web designer already, and you just need a hand getting some work knocked out.

Is that you?

We are betting the answer is no.

(also, on the off chance you answered yes, reach out via the contact form, and we will teach you about scaling)


Websites have a lot of important components. Each one needs to function properly as it interacts with the rest of the business. This is not a plug-and-play situation. Integrations don’t always work as expected, even on the most popular platforms.

The more experienced a developer is, the less likely there will be bugs in the system. The last thing we want is for a critical component to fail, during a sale.

But it doesn’t stop there…

An experienced pro will set your site up like a fortress, ensuring that all the valuable data of you, and your customers, will be safe.

How valuable is their extensive expertise when considering the time and frustration they save us from?

Experts make sure you can track everything happening on your site. Every visit, click, interaction, and sale will add to your growing pool of data.

We cannot over-emphasize how important this data can be to a company’s marketing efforts. It. Is. Critical.

Critical systems need to be setup properly.

The Only Choice

Your unique situation will dictate what you do next. We hope what we’ve had to say here has been helpful. 

We believe that DIY is a fantastic way to get going, as long as you know what you’re doing. 

If not, you’re costing yourself valuable time, and money. 

An expert can get the job done faster, and for less investment, than any DIY novice could dream of.

In either case, your chances of ending up with a site worth owning increase when built on the principles of growth-driven design.

That’s the quiet, critical element that matters most in the whole process. Iteration.

Our case studies illustrate how it works for our clients.

Even better, every single one of those studies (even the blockbusters) began with what I’m about to offer you…

Wabbit started as a design company. We wanted to know if we could help entrepreneurs get started faster by giving them a bad-ass website at an irresistible price.

Everything you see here, began with that question.

Our team focuses on the web asset.

You focus on building and growing your business.

Simple. Powerful.

Over the years, we’ve evolved this offer significantly as we’ve listened to feedback from our tribe. Today, I can confidently say: if you’re ready to solve your website issues once and for all, Wabbit’s startup special is for you.

What's Included?

Dedicated Project Manager

Scalable Hosting & Site Maintenance

We Design Up to 3 Pages for You

Content Integration

Lead Collection Forms

Responsive Design

W3C Certified Code

2 Rounds of Revisions

XML Sitemap

Analytics Integration

License Management

Nightly Backups

What Our Clients Say

Ready for Wabbit to Handle it for you?

The Startup Special

*Application Required to Qualify for Acceptance*
$ 599 (with $100/mo Service Subscription)
  • We Give You:

  • Dedicated project manager
  • Hosting on our scalable, up-time guaranteed server architecture
  • Visual design of up to 3 pages (home page + 2 inner pages)
  • 2 rounds of revisions (additional revision rounds are $100)
  • Content integration
  • Contact form to collect website leads
  • Custom, Responsive Design
  • W3C Certified Code
  • Google Friendly XML Sitemap
  • Tracking & Analytics integration
  • License management
  • Nightly backups
  • Monthly maintenance & Security Updates

Before you go...

Chasing the entrepreneurial dream is hard enough without having to learn all the nuances that go into a great website. Stop making it harder than in needs to be.

Take some big, deep breaths.

Wabbit is your secret weapon.

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Except we make websites.

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