The "Be My Own Boss" Quest is a Rough One

We help you avoid the bullshit

Hi there!

I’m David, the founder of this place. If you and I are anything alike, we each set out on our entrepreneurial quests because one day, we woke up and realized… we’re really @#$%-ing tired of feeling limited in our lives — tired of exchanging our priceless autonomy for the devastating illusion of freedom.

Tired of feeling like our big dream is just a pipe dream.

Tired of feeling owned by some faceless corporate empire.

Tired of feeling like we’re running in circles.

(Ugh… I could tell you stories for days.)

An old mentor of mine used to ask: “David, how many more times do you want to run around that mountain before you get on with climbing it?”

That familiar feeling of perpetual busyness, with no real progress to show for it, is what he was not-so-subtly pointing out to me — and, it’s thanks to him that I eventually overcame that, and my greater entrepreneurial struggles.

Over twenty years have passed since then, and I still consider his question(s) almost daily. Now, the Wabbits are here to help you climb that mountain too.

Because we are stronger together.

Welcome to your best, weirdest web agency.​

You’re here because the internet-at-large feeds you a load of crap about the reality of business online, and you’ve finally had it. 


No more charlatans promising the world while robbing you blind.

Wabbits are driven by a higher purpose than the greedy, commodity-driven, money-first, dog-eat-dog world we live in today.

We refuse to play that game.

Our goal is not to win profits at all costs.

Yet, year after year, we still generate strong, predictable, recurring profit (and so do our clients), because we refuse to do what so many modern companies have by viewing you as little more than a path toward lining their pockets.

We refuse to contribute to a world full of commoditized copycat product launches — where scarcity-mindsets reign, and crushing the so-called “pitiful” competition is seen as some big badge of honor.

To the Wabbits, an entrepreneur’s main motivation should never be: get filthy rich, as quickly and easily as possible.

No thanks.

That’s not us.

Which is fortunate, because that road is a dead end.

We built this company to prove there is another, better path forward.

(And, it is freely available to anyone who puts in the work.)

We play a long game here, and it works.

Yes, it’s a grind.

Yes, it takes more time.

And, most importantly… yes, YOU are capable of it.

More on that later. First, a question…

Does this Guru-Bro chatter sound familiar?

Has listening to those voices worked out?

(Note: Shallow, status-quo, tactics-only approaches are doomed from the start)
(Second Note: Using a different accent doesn’t help either)

So what do we do instead?

Even a day-one rookie entrepreneur knows they need sales, and that they’ll need to grow. But, if we aren’t supposed to follow the trends and tactics, then what are we supposed to do, right?

Spend some time here, with the wabbits,
we have a more useful approach to your situation.

To begin, allow us to quietly mention…

Lack of revenue has nothing to do with having the right idea, or tactics.

Statistically speaking, most who visit us for the first time already have their “big idea” in mind. No judgment if that’s you too, it’s completely normal.

The trouble is: if you build it, “they” won’t do a damned thing.

To us, that’s the reason most businesses (and websites, products, services, offers, the company social media presence, etc.) eventually fail, because…

The idea is not the most important thing. 

In fact, starting with the idea means we face a very high probability that, in the end, nobody else will care. Overfocusing on tactical trends means we get lost in the void, because everyone else in your market got the same memo.

So, how do we get your audience to pay attention to you?

There are no secrets.

In 2019, we noticed a tremendous lack of cohesive, quality entrepreneurial education online (plenty of big claims though). 

Knowing who to trust (especially as a novice) is difficult, if not impossible — and there’s a ton of dangerously-terrible content out there. Information, and MISinformation both exist online.

MISinformation is easier to find.

You need to know… there are no hidden secrets to building valuable business assets — no tricks, no hacks, no quick ways to 10x your income,  All that crap is a lie.

Yes, you might manage to avoid getting scammed while you learn, but it’s only a matter of time before information overload sets in, and, once that happens, discouragement follows close behind.

You are not alone.

Does your social circle look at you funny when you talk about your business ideas? Do they give you a hard time when you stay in to work on your project, while they go out night after night? 

We’ve been in those situations too, not fun. 

When friends and family don’t understand, or support — and there’s no community to bounce ideas off of — it can feel like trying to push a boulder up a mountain, alone.

Worse still, there’s nobody who can warn you of impending disaster.

That’s why we Wabbits exist, to help fill that terrible void.

One Last Thing...

After decades in the trenches, we can safely say: most would-be founders tragically underestimate how heavy the weight of carrying their new entrepreneurial responsibilities can be, especially when carrying them alone as a small, first-time startup.

Successful entrepreneurs rely on experts for guidance (and project execution), as well as an active, driven, supportive community to lean on as they build their businesses.

The Wabbits are those experts for our tribe.

We are actively building that community.

In order to help others level-up their business skills.

To help entrepreneurs like you become better, smarter marketers.

To help you evolve your website into a priceless business asset.

All so that you can become the hero to the people you seek to serve.

If this resonates with you, stick around.

Look around.

We are so glad you’ve stopped by.

If you are enrolled in the journey, and care about making change, we’re here to serve you. Welcome to Wabbit.