Hey there, it's David...

Around here, we look at entrepreneurship through the lens of a hero’s epic quest.

From that perspective, think of this as the moment the Hero (you) arrives on the doorstep of those you’ve heard can help you along the way. 

You’re not entirely sure what you’re looking for, but folks seemed confident you could find it here…

So you knock on the door, because you sense the truth just out of reach, behind the world which has been pulled over your eyes — hidden to keep you unaware of reality.

If you’re ready, it is time to skill up and get outfitted for the journey ahead, because right now, you, Hero, aren’t totally prepared for what you’re trying to do.

Most folks in your position think the problem (the big obstacle preventing their success) lies in their social media presence, landing pages, wishlist campaigns, etc…

So they tweak those components individually, hoping to find the magic lever that opens the floodgates and brings customers to their doorstep — but the real problem is their faulty mental model, and it is causing tremendous damage to their chances of succeeding.

Clumsily pulling the levers of your business machine and hoping for results is only making the problem worse.

So, we need to reset a bit, and point you in the direction of the New World which you’ve sensed, but have yet to find.

Whoever sent you here was right, the Wabbits can guide you to that elusive place you seek.

First, to prepare you, we must take you on a journey to a new paradigm, and show you how we view marketing (and the work we do as creative professionals) as a means to serve and matter in a world overwhelmed with distractions and sameness. 

At the end of that journey lies access to magic.

Each of us has the same challenge: Attention.

How do we get it?

How do we keep it?

How do we focus & leverage it once we have it?

The ideas and insights you’ll discover in the journey ahead underpin everything we do, and it matters that we share these things with you.

While it isn’t sorcery, you will soon discover that the mindset shifts we share are like powerful spells — the key ingredients missing from your inventory.

Searching for marketing advice on Google, Reddit, etc. is only running you around in circles.

Between the founders of Wabbit, we have nearly four decades of experience and wisdom in the craft of marketing, and we intend to pull back the curtain on our top-tier, highest-leverage thinking, just for you.

You will either deeply resonate with the new world we’re here to show you or, at some point, you will feel a need to bolt back to safety. Back to the comfortable familiarity of the life you already know.

There is no middle ground. 

No half-way. 

This is a binary moment.

We hope you choose to stay. There’s a big payoff if you do.

To orient you, this page provides a broad overview of what you can expect as we systematically unpack what we call The Hero’s Framework.

The Hero’s Framework (THF) is principles-based mental scaffolding, designed to give you a new perspective on the role of marketing in your business, and life.

By the end of this experience, you will understand how to approach your own marketing in ways that are so good, they invisibly pull and tug at the people you seek to serve without the need for persuasion tricks, coercion tactics, social media shenanigans, or 24/7 live streams.

Before we begin, let’s explore where you are today…

The Ordinary World

The trouble with the world you’re used to is, in spite of all the advances in tech, and the incredible rise of social media in society, today’s direct response marketing is practically unchanged from decades past.

Classified ads and infomercials have been replaced with Facebook ads and scripted webinars — advertorials have been replaced with squeeze pages and VSLs, and the idea of giving real value is nowhere to be found.

The closest you’ll get is some incomplete lead-magnet (ie. a demo, ebook, mini-course, etc) that you had to give up your email address for.

Care to guess what you would get an inbox full of…?

That’s right. Garbage emails whose only purpose is selling you more garbage.

It may be hiding behind shiny new technologies, but it’s still the same push-focused tactical approach it’s always been.

We’ve all experienced this style of marketing. It’s the objection-crushing, ultra-persuasive sales copy with the added high-octane marketing rocket fuel of Urgency and FOMO.

Does push-focused marketing work?

Of course!

Over the centuries, push marketing has mastered the method of reaching people by playing on their fears, hopes, insecurities, and desires. But in the digital age, it is not so simple.

It is no longer easy to gain results by marketing at people instead of with them.

Your prospects — whether they be potential players of a new game, or people shopping for a new dentist — are increasingly sophisticated, and they’ve been burned too many times by shady companies, shiny trailers, over-hyped launches, and underwhelming products.

Thankfully, ordinary, push-focused marketing is a decision — and, as I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, it is not the only decision we can make.

There’s another world beneath the surface of the ordinary, and it is available to you the moment you choose to step across the threshold…

The New World

Instead of pushing prospects to buy, buy, buy — persuading and coercing them at every step along the way…

We can pull them toward us like a singularity with the gravitational power of belief-shifting insights, and compelling, empathy-led storytelling. I’ll say more about that in a moment.

The fundamental difference between these two methods of marketing (push vs pull) is the perspective we take when designing our marketing system.

In the Ordinary World you’re used to, when marketers push a prospect, they’re deliberately engineering a system to move prospects forward, step-by-step, in the order the marketer wants.

Click this ad / post (laced with clickbait-y, curiosity-inducing open loops)…

Subscribe / Sign up / Wishlist for deals…

Buy this low-cost offer (now, before we raise the price)…

Buy the first upsell, buy the second upsell (or never see this one-time-offer, ultra-special-edition ever again)…

If they’re really savvy, a week or so after all that, they’ll contact you about their core offer and tell you something like: Buy this soon, before we pull it from the market.

Then, 30 days later, prepare for the onslaught of affiliate offers — the inevitable reality of the behind the scenes ‘you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’ deal-making that cross-promotional relationships require.

But the New World offers a different reality…

When we look at our marketing system through the eyes of our prospect and sincerely ask what they truly want…

And through their perspective, we make our marketing meaningful and valuable to that prospect, before asking for anything in return…

When we do that, something magical happens….

We create the gravitational force I mentioned earlier.

Our audiences begin to feel an invisible, irresistible pull toward us, and they want to go deeper down the “Wabbit hole” we’ve created for them.

The question to ask is: How?

How do we accomplish that?

How can we make our marketing so valuable to our audience that they can’t help but follow that pull toward us, and want to experience more?

Pay attention to this next part. It is an important insight, and we need to make sure you know it now, not later.

Giving value is not the same thing as giving “helpful information.” Further, value may not mean the same thing in every industry.

Helpful information is a dime a dozen.

Helpful information is contextual, offering little value beyond its subject matter — and this kind of information is always one Google search away from any human with internet access.

On the other hand, value that’s truly meaningful is not so common, and it takes an entirely different form altogether: a powerful flash of insight.

Over the next several days, as you and I journey together from the old world to the new, we will unpack how that fact applies specifically to you.

If helpful information is like a lightning bug, a powerful insight is lightning.

This series will present you with a series of powerful insights to uncover. These insights are the “magic items” you’ll need if you hope to complete your quest. When you find them, everything you see will become different. Everything.

Our content is designed to reveal new insights as your understanding grows, so, we suggest re-reading it many times.

There’s nothing to buy at the end of this series. Your attention is the only currency we require. Our focus is on building relationships.

We built Wabbit on the foundation of marketing that leads with generosity and empathy before a transaction ever takes place.

We win because you win first. 

(You’ll understand why this idea is so powerful when you read the third email in this series.)

The next step is yours to take.

If you want to come on this week-long journey and take the next step in The Hero’s Framework, click the button below, then enter your best email address.


See you in your inbox.

– David