The Wabbit Admissions Department Presents…

Wabbit EDU

Your Marketing Masterclass

You're more than a dreamer.

You’re an alchemist of imagination, a weaver of digital dreams, a creator crafting pixelated worlds from visions only your mind’s eye can see.

A mastermind of puzzles and narratives, of vertices and voxels, writing code like poetry and giving life to characters, worlds, and stories.

And yet, you’re standing at the edge of a precipice, staring at a vast, overwhelming landscape filled with infinite possibilities… The hum of the gaming industry echoing in your ears, “How will you make your mark?”

Some days you wonder if you’re capable of pulling it off.

It’s a journey fraught with perils and uncertainties. But…

What if you had a map of this uncharted territory?

A beacon illuminating your path to independence?

A guide who could spark your creativity into a raging inferno of success?

Welcome home.

Creators, innovators, trailblazers...

We're talking to you.

You’re not just another developer. 

You are a visionary, a pioneer, and a storyteller. The journey ahead of you will be as unique as the worlds you craft. And for such an extraordinary journey, you need more than a course.

You need a blueprint.

You need a mentor.

You need a place where your creative sparks are fanned into a roaring blaze of indie triumph.

The coursework inside Wabbit EDU is the map to the treasure you’re here seeking. 
This program is a step-by-step guide, one we would follow ourselves to grow a business from an idea with little-to-no funding or audience… into a side-hustle.
And then, into something you could live off of. 
And then… 
(with a little luck, a ton of discipline and loads of work) 
…Something you could thrive and grow wealth with.
Here’s how it works…

Utilizing a combination of video and written lessons, you’ll work to generate and methodically validate your business idea.

You’ll learn how to set up your website in a way that draws your customers in, no matter which hosting provider you choose.

We will teach you to make your company pay for itself. Then, when you’re ready, you’ll start to promote your company. Slowly.

As you grow, you’ll lean on the Warren to help you understand how to apply what you’ve learned to your growing company.

The Brief Backstory...

Once upon a time, the leader of the Wabbit tribe embarked on this same quest (back when he started his first business) and just like yours, his was a path riddled with obstacles and dead-ends. 

Yet he persevered, and succeeded.

Two decades later, he undertook another adventure, inspired by a new vision: to simplify the startup journey for aspiring entrepreneurs.

He aimed to ensure the road to realizing your dreams is filled with less pitfall and more progress.

That vision led to the birth of Wabbit EDU.

Everything you see here was lovingly crafted by a veteran entrepreneur, someone who’s walked the same path you’re on. 

A guide who won’t just tell you what to do, but who’ll help you learn by doing.


And the people said...

So, that's how we roll...

But, what does it mean for you?

We’ve distilled decades of battle-tested, profit-producing, proven-in-the-trenches marketing wisdom, and built you a practical & useful survival kit of sorts. 

EDU is a map designed to take you from where you are now, to the successful indie business of your dreams.

Inside this program is a treasure trove of knowledge, the likes of which could fill several epic, leather-bound tomes, and at least 2 Netflix series, but with Wabbit EDU, you won’t binge-consume the content and roll on.

You’ll apply it.

And if you do the work, you will translate those insights into lasting real-world success.

We’ve designed our education with execution at its core — meaning execution of our methods is required

To prove these methods work universally, we’ve taken our decades of entrepreneurial wisdom, baked it into this curriculum, and spent the last 3 years testing it with real business owners across a range of industries.

The result? 

A guide to marketing mastery that just works. 

No gimmicks. No bullshit.

"Guys, I'm so glad I took the leap. The mindset shifts inside EDU unlocked a whole new world of insights for me. The discovery process was an endless source of inspiration, and the exercises had me applying my new insights right away. As a result, over the last few months, I've been able to secure more clients and increase my rates, and my leads are better than ever. Thank you!"
Megan F.
The Atelier Co.

What's Inside?

Discovery & Ideation

Dive into the creative process, where we unearth new concepts, dissect the needs of potential audiences, and learn to craft a digital vision that resonates. 

This is where dreamers become creators, where thoughts are transformed into tangible ideas, and where the spark of creativity is kindled into a roaring flame of innovation.


Here, you’ll learn to test the desirability and salability of your ideas without depleting your resources. 

Discover how to gauge the appeal of your idea to your minimum viable audience, validate its potential for success, and ensure that you’re on the best path, not a dead end. 

Validation isn’t just a checkpoint; it’s your compass, guiding you toward a market that craves your creation.

MVP Development

We’ll take you into the Forge, where we transform your validated idea into a Minimum Viable Product, the initial, functional incarnation of your vision.

It’s here that you’ll learn to sculpt your digital clay into a captivating form, iterating, improving, and refining as you progress. In the crucible of MVP Development, creators become builders, bringing their indie dreams to life.

Marketing Mastery

At every step along the EDU path, you’ll learn the priceless craft of attracting an audience, capturing their interest, and turning that interest into irresistible action.

From setting up your website and optimizing it for success to mastering data analytics, digital advertising, email marketing, and persuasive copywriting, this program ensures you’ll never feel lost in your marketing again.

Consumers Beware!

Even at 60+ hours of video content, hundreds of thousands of words, and scores of supplementary material; you could binge it, and consume the entire course in a single week.

That’s not how we do it here.

If you don’t apply what you learn, you will fail. Full stop.

True learning is an action-packed adventure, and we’re your faithful sidekick. With Wabbit EDU, you won’t just learn—you’ll live the lessons, implementing them as you progress, transforming knowledge into tangible outcomes as you take each step along the path.

We’ll navigate you through the treacherous terrain of discovery and validation of your big idea, equipping you with the skills to mesmerize your audience with compelling landing pages and ads.

Our enrollment, though, is as exclusive as our tribe. 

For this period, we’re only opening our doors to 50 aspiring game developers. Once we hit that number, the doors close.

The lessons on persona development alone are worth their weight in gold. You've helped me understand my target audience with unbelievable clarity. Now I know exactly who I'm writing for, and sales are up almost 50% this year!
Brenden S.

As you journey through the discovery and validation stages of MVP development, we’re with you.

As you master the art of marketing, market research, persona development, and value proposition design, we’re with you.

As you craft compelling landing pages and ads that capture the essence of your game and attract your audience, we’re with you.

Because your success is our success.

We believe in your vision and are committed to helping you bring it to life. And if, within 30 days, you don’t feel the same, we offer a full refund. No strings attached.

This has given me everything I was missing. I finally have the tools I need to effectively market my photography services. Thank you all so much!
Glen E.
Freelance Photographer

If you’re ready to transform your dreams into reality, seize this moment. Join our waitlist and be among the first to know when enrollment reopens.

P.S. Life is too short to spend it chasing someone else’s dream. It’s time to reclaim your time, ignite your passion, and create the life you truly desire. The big secret is… this quest is actually about more than you making money from your dream.

P.P.S. While you wait, why not explore The Living Library? Knowledge is power, and every bit you gain brings you one step closer to victory. Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.