You could say I was a star to my clients, but the truth was, I felt a supernova coming, and I was about to collapse.

For years, I’d spun in an endless cycle of relentless hustle, yet the freedom I sought consistently eluded me.

Despite checking all the boxes of conventional startup wisdom on the internet, my big break — the one that would let me breathe — remained a mirage.

  • Strong social media presence? Check.
  • SEO focused website with top rankings? Absolutely
  • An army of loyal fans and followers? In droves
  • Guest articles in popular media outlets? Weekly
  • Targeted ad campaigns? Like you wouldn’t believe
  • Affiliate relationships? Several
  • List building? 20,000 deeply invested readers
  • Outsourcing my time-sucking tasks? Of course

The numbers were there, they painted a clear picture of success, but my take-home earnings were as stable as an unmaintained (and wooden) roller coaster.

At the peak of my career, accolades, accomplishments, and even global acclaim didn’t mask the brutal truth: my business was on a tightrope, always teetering, never quite achieving that elusive stability — let alone scalability.

And then, it hit me.

Like a double-decker bus (fueled  by a @#$!ing jet engine), the realization exploded my entrepreneurial world into a hailstorm of crisis-confetti.

This was the revelation:

When I started down the road to entrepreneurship, I thought I was driven by the desire to leave the ever-enslaving corporate-ocracy and carve a path for myself, with nothing but my craft and grit to support me…

Well… as it turns out… It was really about control. 

That primal, guttural need for stability, predictability, and scalability. The assurance that tomorrow would be better, brighter, richer.

It was true for me then.

It is still true today.

I want to know that next month will be better than this month. That there’s opportunity to increase the value I contribute to the world, expand my horizons, my relationships, and my income.

Imagine that feeling, would you?

Envision a future where you’re not just surviving, but thriving. Month after month. Year after year.

I’m going to explain what it takes to get there.

I’m not going to ask you for anything in return.


Because we are stronger together.

Contrary to what most “experts” might suggest, success isn’t just about ticking off tasks on a list.

There’s more to it, and I’m here to tell you what that is.

Because understanding what we share here might just be the key to unlocking that “good life” you’ve been chasing.

This is your moment.

Before we dive in, settle down, grab your favorite drink, and leave your phone aside (yeah, I know you probably won’t). This might just be the most important conversation you’ll have today.

Who am I?

I’m David, your average marketing guy turned niche-famous commercial photographer, who once ruled his market but didn’t yet understand the systems powering real success.

My day-to-day looked like this:

Seems fun, right?

Lucrative too, but only as long as I kept hustling. 

The moment I paused, the house of cards would collapse.

Nobody on the team could fill my shoes.

I couldn’t risk a vacation. 

I was burning out. 

And in 2015, I did. Hard.

In an interview on ImpactTheory, David Buss, a well-known professor of psychology, said this:

“Adults learn through massive trauma.”

My journey as an entrepreneur is a testament to that. 

The path to success was far from what I’d been led to believe.

By the time I finally burned out, it felt like playing chicken with a reinforced concrete wall.

After a decade-long dance with failure and pain, and another decade applying those hard-won lessons, I found myself at a bar in 2018, accepting a partner’s friendly dare to start a company with a shoestring budget of no more than $200. 

And I did it. 

You’re engrossed in it right now.

Without social media, by leaning on the simple fundamentals of marketing, I built Wabbit into a thriving business that generated millions for its clients by the end of 2020. 

No additional investment.

Just skill, strategy, and pure grit.

(If you want to know more, the story, up to present day, is on the about page.)

Yes, all that sounds scammy, I know… like a pitch, right?

And I absolutely hate that, but…

These are the milestones of my story.

They say nothing of the grind it took.

That it still takes.

Because it’s all the shit, the pain, the drama and the trauma, and the never ending cascade of challenges we will encounter in “the messy middle” which are the important (and tragically disregarded) details.

Messy Middle

How do we make the journey?

How do we navigate the chaos?

How do we cross from where we are, to where we dream of being?

The answer isn’t in a 1,000-word listicle, and Chat-GPT can’t tell you either.

So nobody says it.

Instead, they leave you lost.

Don’t you feel like you’re missing something?

That’s why Wabbit stopped accepting new clients in 2020, shifted focus away from ourselves, and began investing in you instead.

We wanted to share our journey, our lessons, and our insights, without holding anything back. 

We opened our “garage door” wide, ready to welcome you in, and show you how we work.

So, get comfortable.

We built this place for you.

If you’ve ever felt lost or overwhelmed with your side-hustle or small business, I hope the story I’m about to share will offer some guidance.

More than that, I hope it will help you reframe your understanding of what it truly takes to survive the journey, and complete The Entrepreneur’s Quest.

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