To my clients, I was a star… but, to me, the whole endeavor was a complete and glorious failure.

In spite of all the years spent hustling, my business had never provided a way for me to truly (and permanently) break free of the grind… which was the entire point of me setting out on my quest in the first place.

On paper, I’d followed conventional wisdom to the letter (and yes, some tactics worked better than others) but, nothing worked as advertised…

  • Strong presence on social media? Did it.
  • SEO focused website? Yep, first page rankings.
  • Build a hyper-engaged audience? Yes indeed… tens of thousands of clamoring fans.
  • Guest articles in popular media outlets? Mmhmm, weekly online, and monthly in print media.
  • Targeted ad campaigns? Yep! Print, TV, and digital.
  • Affiliate relationships? Several
  • List building (like the gurus taught)? Check
  • Outsourcing my time-sucking tasks? You bet!

On paper, my metrics sure looked like success, yet, my earnings ebbed and flowed like an uneven tide.

Even at the absolute height of my career, when I already I had long list of accomplishments (and even a little global acclaim in my field), the business was still struggling.

Always on the cusp of scaling, but never quite there.

The moment my blind spot was revealed to me hit me like a jet-engine powered double-decker bus, exploding my entrepreneurial worldview into crisis confetti.

This was the revelation:

When I started down the road to entrepreneurship, I thought I was driven by the desire to leave the ever-enslaving corporate-ocracy and carve a path for myself, with nothing but my craft to support me…

As it turns out… what I really wanted was a sense of control.

It was true then.

It is still true today.

I want to know that my business results (and my income) are stable, predictable, and scalable. That next month will be better than this month. That there’s opportunity to increase the value I contribute to the world, expand my horizons, my relationships, and my income.

Just for a moment I want you to imagine what it would feel like to experience that.

What if you knew — really knew — that you could thrive month after month, year after year?

I’m going to explain what it takes to get there.

Most “experts” will tell you that success is inevitable if you do some combination of items on that list above.

I’m going to tell you why that isn’t true, and what you ought to do instead.

Better still, if you’re willing to commit to learning… the Wabbits will teach you for free.

Because a deep understanding of what we share here will help you to finally reach that “good life” you’ve chased for so long, so…

Before I give you the big reveal, settle in, get your beverage of choice, and put your phone in the other room (obviously I know you won’t). You will want to stay 100% focused on what I’m about to tell you. 

This is your moment.

But, first...

Hello there. 

I’m David. 

I left my nice, comfy marketing career in the late 2000’s, spent over a decade as a commercial photographer, and (thanks to my marketing chops) dominated my niche.

However, I worked constantly, never able to stop hunting for clients — to the detriment of relationships in every vein of my life. There was never enough time (or energy) to focus on anything other than the work.

Yes, it was profoundly lucrative, so long as I was actively working, but if I stopped, it fell apart.

I could never take a vacation.

From the outside, I seemed at the top of my game — known planet-wide in my niche — yet, I had worked myself into a dead end, and I wanted out.

In 2015, I burnt out. Hard.

Apparently it was predictable.

(I’ll say more on that later…)

In an interview on ImpactTheory, Tai Lopez shares an interesting quote about how we evolve as adults.

“Adults learn through massive trauma.”

David Buss (professor of psychology)

I agree with him on the point he’s trying to make.

If nothing else, my life experience proves the truth of it.

Note: the entire interview is worth listening to.

For me, the path of becoming a successful entrepreneur ended up looking nothing like what I’d been led to believe. As a result, what originally started off as a grand quest for entrepreneurial freedom, quickly began to feel like treading water with no land in sight.

By the time I finally burned out, it felt like playing chicken with a reinforced concrete wall.

(To summarize the grand arc of my personal story: it took me over ten years of pain and failure to finally discover my path to success. And then another ten years to implement what I’d learned.)

Fast-forward to 2018, and I’m sitting a bar (whose parking lot my car would be towed out of later that night), with a former business partner who is now 3 beers deep and daring me to start a company on a shoe-string budget of no more than $200.

I said ok…

And I built it (Wabbit) into a thriving business earning tens of millions for its clients by the end of 2020.

All without additional investment.

(If you want to know more, the story, up to present day, is on the about page.)


Yes, all that sounds kinda scammy, I know — like the beginning of some guru’s big pitch, doesn’t it?

But, you should understand, these are the milestones of the story as they stand today.

They say nothing of the grind it took.

That it still takes.

Because it’s all the shit, the pain, the drama and the trauma, and the never ending cascade of challenges we will encounter in “the messy middle” which are the important (and tragically disregarded) details.

Messy Middle

How do we make the journey?

How do we navigate the chaos?

How do we cross from where we are, to where we dream of being?

The trouble is, what truly needs to be said to you (or any other aspiring entrepreneur) can’t be summed up in some vapid 1,000 word listicle.

So nobody says it.

They leave you lost.

Don’t you feel like you’re missing something?

That feeling is why Wabbit stopped accepting new clients in 2020, shifted focus away from ourselves, and began investing in you instead.

It is why we work with our “garage door” wide open.

So, find a comfortable seat, let’s talk awhile.

We built this place for you.

If you’re feeling, or have ever felt lost about your side-hustle or small business, I hope you learn from the story I’m about to share.

Most importantly, I hope it reframes your understanding of what it really takes to reach the top of the mountain you’re climbing right now.

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