In hindsight, I wish we’d been filming it…

We weren’t considering sharing the work with the world, not back then.

After all, marketing agencies aren’t known for giving insights and “trade secrets” away for free.

We do things differently now.

Lean in.

What I’m about to share with you is among the most important work in business growth.

It is an absolute bedrock practice in our industry.

Possibly the only critical “secret” in the toolbox.

So powerful that, when mastered, even a rookie copywriter can move an audience with it.

I’m talking about creating Avatars.

(In the context of marketing, avatars, personas, and archetypes all refer to the same thing: a conceptual tool which makes it easier to develop valuable work that resonates with the people we aim to serve.)

I intend to show you everything about this preposterously potent practice, including …

  • How we create them
  • Why we create them
  • How they assemble into an asset that can exponentially increase your profitability

Once you see what’s happening under the surface here, it can change how you approach your business, and its marketing, forever.

The context of the story is simple:

The Wabbits had two segments of people to represent.

One segment = One avatar

The gap between these two segments represents The Hero’s Journey for our tribe.

If you’re unfamiliar with The Hero’s Journey, this short video summarizes the concept well. Watch it, then read on:

As the team worked to create our two avatars, I couldn’t help noticing parallels between them, and the tale of my own “hero’s journey.”

In fact, we discovered that every member of the Wabbit team could easily map their personal entrepreneurial experiences to each phase of the same hero’s journey.


They say that when something is True, it is universal.

We all know, universally, that working our asses off only to feel we are getting nowhere, sucks. It is the definition of being stuck in “the grind,” and it is not the best path to a fulfilling life.

The trouble is, finding our best path toward success often feels impossible — like getting lost in the wilderness, in a raging storm, without a compass or a map.

Like one of our avatars, most entrepreneurs are flying blind, hacking solutions together as they go.

Blissfully unaware of the dream killing monster hunting them from the shadows…

Normally, the stuff I’m sharing would stay invisible to the public, but, not here… not anymore.

Today, we lay it all out on the table.

The world-building we use in our branding is no accident, and it all begins with what I’m about to share.

Before we proceed, let’s agree to define an Avatar as:

A singular character representing the group we aim to speak to.

Two avatars represent the majority of Wabbit’s tribe.

(Broadly speaking, these are the small business owners and would-be entrepreneurs who are setting out on (or in the middle of) their quest for success and freedom.)

As a conceptual too, the avatar has many uses, for example: we marketers will often engage with them in imaginary interactions (as if they were a conversation partner) while writing copy.

In addition to driving the voice and focus of our marketing efforts, we leverage these avatars to create a story which points a path forward for our people.

Within the gap between them we catch a glimpse of the benefits that come with shedding our broken mental models, and adopting those which serve us better.

In the pages that follow, you will learn about the two avatars we built, and the mental shift that separates them, but, before we get to the meat of this content…

Know that if you feel uneasy along the way, as if I’m talking about you… it’s only because I’ve been there too.

In fact, I would argue that living through the transformation we are about to discuss is the only way to fully realize how essential this mental shift is to success.

The Wabbits have lived the story.

We’ve run the gauntlet.

We know the terrain.

Together, you and I can permanently improve the state of your business, and your life.

If you are willing to do the work.

Most aren’t.


If you only take one thing from what you read here, and really let it affect you, let it be this:

No matter who we are today, we can evolve.

We can answer the call to adventure.

We can set out on our quest, at any time we choose.

Along the way, we will be shown blind spots we never knew we had — and we will have to endure whatever it means to accept them, if we want to move forward.

We will have to admit that there is a problem with our current state, and that we need to upgrade the mental models we are currently working with.

But only if you’re sure you want to follow this road.

Because you need to be sure.

The truth is, entrepreneurship is really hard.

In the beginning, we trade a 9-to-5 for a 24/7, with no way to guarantee that it will work.

Don’t dismiss how intimidating that trade can be.

It sounds scary, because it is scary.

The entrepreneur’s path is too risky for most.

We might fail. We probably will fail.

There’s a ton of stress, even when things go well.

If you prefer to receive that consistent weekly or monthly salary from a steady “normal” job, do it. We don’t blame you. There is no judgment from us, we love you.

The world needs folks like you.

Yet, if the life-long shackles of the 9-5 system are not what you crave, you must to choose to heed the call to adventure.

It is the only viable option.

We haven’t found a middle path yet.

If you’re done with the 9-to-5, and you’re thinking about entrepreneurship, I’d like you to meet a friend of mine. There’s a better-than-zero chance that you two have something in common, maybe enough to make you uncomfortable…

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