Issues in the app?

If you’re experiencing any issues (perhaps a login issue), or have a question about a feature, use the form to reach out.

A Wabbit will get back to you swiftly. And by “swiftly” we mean within 24-48 hours.

When you email us, please be concise. We read and respond to every message so, the shorter and clearer you are, the faster we’ll be able to get back to you.


Well, that depends on what you want…

If it’s the course — start from the beginning! Even if you’re coming at this with a lot of entrepreneurial experience, we want you to start at the beginning because of how we designed the curriculum. The lessons compound and, we want everyone to be on the same page.

If you want to talk with us about custom web design or marketing consultation, drop us a line in the contact form above. We’d love to chat!

We built Wabbit to help entrepreneurs access services that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive for an early-stage startup that is trying to run intelligently.

Wabbit builds profitable sites, on a scaffolding of entrepreneurial experience that sets our people up in the best possible way, without killing their budget. And then we do things, like create incredible educational content, to give them an even greater chance of success.

The other guys are going to charge you three to six thousand dollars to design “a website” for you, which is one hell of an investment for an early stage venture. At this stage in your business, there are just sooooo many things that are up in the air, your goal should be to make as many “effectively temporary” decisions as feasible, and then reevaluate those decisions one to three years later when you have real data about how your customers actually interact with you. Maybe you need to be on Shopify…maybe you need custom software…maybe you should downgrade to an Etsy page…maybe you need custom widgets…these are all maybes that you shouldn’t make big expensive bets on – until you know.

Wabbit is a solution that barely charges you while you’re learning what needs a bigger investment, and what is great the way it is. If we’re not that solution for you in one to three years, cool. We did our jobs and we part ways as friends.

Nope. We rarely meet with humans in-person anyway, even in our own city. And let’s be real, it’s post-2020, you probably work remotely too. And if you don’t, you probably want to. Today we meet online. Tomorrow…hopefully holograms. Wabbits love holograms.

Well, see, the thing is… we believe that you can. That’s the whole point of the course we made for you!

If you had those skills already, you wouldn’t be here, right? If you already had a killer marketing funnel, you wouldn’t be here, right?

So the real question is, how much is your time worth?

The Wabbit team handles complex marketing systems on a daily basis. That experience translates directly to profits with far more speed than most can create solo.

Learning how to do what we do isn’t rocket science, you can do what we do. That’s why, for those that want it, we’ve put just about everything they will need to know into a structured course that will help them grow.

Some people just want someone else to do the building for them. We get that too. Their time is too valuable, and they already understand outsourcing.

We want you to keep growing your business; not get distracted by learning how to code a life-altering website. We keep it simple, helping where you need it.

And, if you need more than simple, reach out to us, we do custom work all the time. We’ll take care of it.

We make every possible attempt to ensure our clients own everything we do for them, especially their Google Analytics data. That way they can take it along whenever they like and will always have historical data to look back on. We don’t ever want to lose you, but we’ll never hold your data hostage.

There are two answers for this:

  1. For the course, unfortunately, no. The nature of digital goods like this means there’s no way to give you access to the course without full payment.

  2. For clients looking to hire Wabbit for our design, development, or consulting work, we offer payment plans of all types. Please contact us so we can pair you with a member of the team and set you up with a free consultation.

Currently, the online course has about 130 video lessons, as well as written content. Paired with the assignments and additional reading, it’ll probably take you about 3-4 weeks to read/watch every single thing. And that’s without actually trying to implement the knowledge and complete the exercises.

Of course, you could binge watch it all in a matter of a few days, but you won’t retain much because these things need to be put into practice to be understood. We recommend taking your time. Watch a few videos a day and study slowly so everything clicks. There’s close to 20 hours of content in there right now, and it’s always growing.