What Are the Key Elements to Remember About Websites?

It’s been a long road, and I applaud you for taking in as much content as you have. Successful entrepreneurs read, a lot. Let’s recap what you’ve learned…

  • You know modern customers expect you to have a professional website.
  • You know a website can streamline critical business processes, giving you more time.
  • You know you should probably hire a professional web designer to build it.
  • When interviewing web designers, you now have a list of questions to be sure to ask them.
  • When building a website, you understand there are few critical features, but those few features matter an awful lot.
  • A website needs to stay focused on its goal.
  • You want to keep the process lean, and growth-driven.

You are beginning to understand how a site can become an incredibly valuable asset to your company. 

If you haven’t built one yet (I’ll be nice) you probably should if you plan to be competitive in the market.

Above all else, we want you to remember this: 

A website, on it’s own, is not likely to be a significant source of revenue for your business, no matter who builds it, or what it looks like. There will be more work to do before it can truly begin to shine.

Even after you build the site, the process isn’t done. This is a living thing, it grows and changes over time. It feeds on traffic, so you will eventually need to send traffic to it. 

There are all sorts of ways to do so. 

We’ve talked about paid traffic at length all over this site. Yet, that is only one tactic out of dozens upon dozens. 

Building awareness for your company will take time. Don’t fool yourself into blindly believing that if you build it, they will come.

They won’t.

So, let’s talk about Growth-Driven Design…

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